Northern Environmental Technology, NET is an Interreg IIIA Nord project

The goal of the project is to enhance the environmental engineering market of Nordkalotten, and especially Norrbotten and Finnish Lappland, so that services and products for the environmental market can be developed based on regional conditions and competence. Today much of environmental engineering jobs are exported and sometimes the technology which is imported is unsuited for the conditions of the region. Since the region contains a rich variety of institutions and companies with environmental engineering competences and capacities, a key for enhancing the environmental engineering market is simply to facilitate an increased cross-border co-operation between companies, universities and authorities.

The present phase of NET started in January 2004 and will end in September 2005, it has the following agenda:

Analyse present needs and growth potential
Analyse the impact of new directives
Promote the role of the universities within
education, research and development
Promote co-operation and regional trade

This is performed by collecting, analysing and disseminating information via various channels of which this web page is an example.